"Bare Handed"
 the first solo instrumental album by Jim Soloway


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07/31/14 - Soloway Guitars is now on indefinite hiatus with no plans to build any guitars for the forseeable future.  Thanks to everyone for all the support over the years.
05/31/13 - We've moved from Portland to Vancouver BC!  There will be more changes coming as a result and I'll post more news as it becomes clear.
08/19/12 - The first Gosling Hollow Contour "T" has been completed and sold.  Click here for details.  Its mate with the cedar top is out of the paint both and should be comeplete in about a week.   Here's a look at the body just out of the paint process
08/19/12 - The Bare Handed is now availabe as a download through  (Just click here to save $3 AND get some instant gratification)!

07/25/12 - I just got the e-mail.  Boxes of my new CD, Bare Handed, shipped out last night from Nashville.  I should have them in my grubby little paws (and available for sale of course) by Tuesday!  Now I'm finally getting excited.
07/24/12 - We just completed this on Saturday. It's a Gosling semi-hollow with finger-style spacing. It's also very much a one-of-a-kind with all sorts of unique features. It was in the works for almost a year and it was a real joy to finally get a chance to play it. Now I get to box it up and ship it out this afternoon.

L352 - Gosling Bolivian Rosewood / Swamp Ash Gosling Original Semi-Hollow Finger-style

07/16/12 - And here's a complete look at the new body before it heads into the paint booth.  This one is swamp ash with a  spruce top.  It's mate-in-progress has a cedar top that should produce a slightly warmer tone with a little less acoustic presence.    The body shape is obviously familiar, but other than the shape, tis guitar is completely Soloway in every regard.  (click on the photo for a full size image)

07/14/12 - Here's a sneak peek at the first of the new bodies. I'll have a full spread on Monday and then it's into the paint booth.  (click on the photo for a full size image)
07/01/12 - We have no new guitars in stock, so I've decided that for the time being we'll use out "Guitars In Stock" page to help anyone who's currently selling a used (or even new) Soloway.  For up to date info, click on Guitars In Stock

06/28/12 - I'm back!  It seems fitting that the first entry on our news page is the annuncement that Jim Soloway is back running the operation.  After a short hiatus during which Doug Kauer ran Soloway Guitars, I've decided that perhaps it's not time to retire yet after all.  I have a new body design that I've been working on for a couple months and the first two guitars should  be done in by mid-August.

While I've been away, I've been working on a solo instrumental album and it should also be ready to ship in the next month or so.

Soloway Guitars -  is on indefinite hiatus, click here to  e-mail