I record and post clips with every guitar we build.  My intent is to give  fair representation of what our guitars sound like.   The problem is that my tone ranges all the way from squeaky clean to a lot cleaner than that.   People regularly ask me to post some clips of our guitars in a rock setting with higher gain amps and some distortion, so I asked one of our most loyal players, Dan Desy, if he could come up with a recording  that gave a better example of what a Swan sounds like in less pristine hands than mine.   


Using both a Swan Original and an S27, he came up with a fabulous rock instrumental called Day & Night...and I think it's a great example of what a Swan can sound like with a bit of attitude and the right set of hands.   After hearing this, I don't think anyone will wonder if a Swan can truly rock anymore. - JS




The main rhythm part (Left channel) is the S27, middle pickup.


The rest of the guitars are all my Swan Original (the rhythm double on the right, the melody and harmony parts and the solo) mostly on the bridge pickup.  This wasn't exactly on purpose as I intended this to be more of an S27 track.  But the Swan Original was handy, and sounded good when I recorded the keeper takes.  If it works...


Everything is going through a Line 6 Toneport and Gearbox.  All the models are some kind of Marshall, with more or less gain, and potentially a "classic" (RAT) type distortion on some tracks. 


It's all recorded into Logic Express on my iMac.  I added tape-ish delay on the solo track, and a little reverb on the right rhythm part.  Everything else is pretty dry, at least as dry as the Gearbox tone can be considered.  Compression and EQ are the "default" plug-ins, tweaked to taste. 


Finally, I added more EQ, compression, enhancer and limiter on the master output track.


- Dan Desy, September, 08

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