"Bare Handed"
 the first solo instrumental album by Jim Soloway


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The hollow body has a short block that extends from the neck pocket to the rear of the neck pickup.  There is also a small block of wood under the bridge.  The bent top is glued to the edge, and the neck block and the bridge block.   The bolts used to install the bridge also go through  the top and into the bridge mounting block.  This construction method prevents feedback at almost any volume level.


The carve top body type is a reverse image carve top with both the top and back hollowed out in a mirror image.  There's a block that runs from the back of the bridge to the front edge of the bridge pickup.  Other than that the body is  hollow.   It is extremely feedback resistent and while it is a very light weight guitar, it produces an enormous tone.

The Single 15" is an entirely new body shape.  It is a full hollow body using a similar construction to the hollow version of the original body shape.  With a 15" lower bout, and a body which extends much further behind the bridge, there is a much larger hollow space in the body producing a much airer, chimier tone.

This was the basic construction that we used on all of our guitar for the first several years.  It has  a solid center core flanked by a single elongated chamber on the bass side and two adjacent chambers on the treble side.  The bass side chamber runs virtually the entire length of the body.

The semi-hollow body is being discontinued as of November 1, 2010.

The standard neck is constructed from a single piece of maple with a pair of graphite reinforcing rods running the length of the fingerboard.  (Other woods and a three piece laminated neck are available as options).  The fingerboard features a very flat 16 inch radius.  The peg head tilts back at a 10 degree angle. 

The neck is available in multiple profiles:
  • American Standard (AmStan) (.810 at the first fret, .890 at the octave)
  • 900 Soft-V (.900 at the first fret, 1.0 at the octave)
  • The Stubby (.915 at the first fret and 1.0 at the octave.  The shape is a soft V in the center merging into a rounded C at the shoulders)
  • The Even Stubbier (.915 at the first fret and 1.0 at the octave.  The shape is a standard C)
  • The Original (.775 at the first fret and .850 at octave.  The shape is a U)
 Other profiles are available on request. 

The standard width at the nut  1 11/16th inches.  We also offer an optional "Finger-Style" spacing.  This is 1 13/16" at the nut and remains 1/8" wider than normal all the way to the bridge.

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